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Professional Project Management – Our cutting-edge technology tools and processes for professional Project Management are all developed and maintained by us internally for a customized and unique customer experience which would allow you to rest assured your projects will be dealt with professionally and on time.


Translation – We cover all languages spoken around the world and specialize in gaming translations but also offer a great deal of translation services in supporting areas of expertise including marketing, compliance, forex and financials. An individual approach to evaluate a project according to the source/target language(s) and the area(s) of expertise is applied every time so that we can offer the best price for an uncompromised quality service.


Proofreading – Our reviewers, editors and subject matter experts will focus on the following when proofreading your text: typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, punctuation, subject-verb disagreements, sentence fragments, spelling, apostrophes, capitalization, tenses, structure, audience appropriateness as well as a couple of otherwise underestimated areas such as index table of contents, table of figures, table of authorities, page numbers, headers and footers, etc.


Localization – We understand that localization plays a vital role in the presentation of any document or online content to the target audience and that is why we will work in collaboration with you on any localization project to ensure all your guidelines are followed and advise you on the best presentation techniques in terms of culture, typesetting trends, style or impact.


Voice-over – Our extensive network of native voice talents can bring your message to voice and make your game characters sound so naturally local as if the game has never been localized!


Subtitling – We are proud to have one of the best media services software on the market exclusively designed and implemented by our Development Team. With a plenty of useful features and vast translation memory tools embedded our experts will help you turn any media, sound record or transcript into the languages and format that suit your needs best.


Creative – We also offer copywriting, game assets and artwork localization and anything that you would need to make your product, service or website understandable and appealing to millions, billions or even more!


Language Testing (LQA) – As we speak games we cannot imagine a professional game or software/ website localization without language testing within the game / software/ web interface. We can do this for you to fine-tune your gaming or online content before it goes live!


Compliance Review – Game rules & artwork review and testing for various jurisdictions complying with the local regulators’ requirements for games certification.


QA – End-to-end quality assurance, cross-platform and cross-browser. Our QA services are ready to sustain great engaging experiences on any platform. You may rely on our test strategy and test cases preparation, functional testing, compatibility, compliance testing, UAT, system test, QA engineering, automation and live monitoring.


UX design/ Customer insight analysis/ Big data analysis & reporting – UX research and design, full-range analysis of customer’s data, big data analysis, reporting and statistics.