VIP Group has been awarded customer’s choice top 10 service provider in the gaming area & special recognition for excellence in QA services.
VIP Group has been recognized as a preferred partner by 328 leading video games developers, online gambling operators and games producers, binary options platform developers and operators.
VIP Group completed 100 000 localization projects.
VIP Group started its own media software development for interactive language services.
VIP Group has become the first specialized binary options localization provider.
58% growth in the gambling sector in 12 markets. VIP Group developed unique internal gambling terms base aiding its international language and gaming experts network.
Services expanded in the area of gambling to cover all main gambling verticals like poker, casino, bingo, skill games, sports betting and live betting. 
Unique QA and games testing process was created to boost the language testing solutions aiding video games development. VIP Group has been recognized as a preferred partner by leading video games development companies worldwide.
The first proprietary software for project management and translation automation was developed and implemented internally. VIP Group signed 5 contracts with key video games publishers and developers.
The VIP Group idea was created and developed as a university project by students who love games, technology and languages. The project gained great appreciation and encouragement and later on the same year the company was established.


VIP Group facts


250 + language combinations

100 000 + localization projects completed

customers from 54 countries

leading video games localization provider

leading igaming localization provider

the first specialized forex and binary options localization provider

largest international network of specialized language professionals

unique proprietary software development